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The Coldest Heart

***A Dark Romance***

Fifteen-year-old Ever is blind. Only able to see what her boyfriend, Fox, looks at, which is most often herself. But sometimes it’s also the muscled men who kidnapped Ever and Fox, and sometimes it’s an unused mall in New York City where the two teens are locked up until they’ll come into the paranormal gifts for which they were stolen. Having spent years in this mall, Ever is ready to do anything to escape.

Not so with Fox. Yes, he longs to escape too, but there’s one thing that he values above his freedom. It’s Ever’s love. So when the two try to break out of their prison and Fox imagines he is losing Ever’s affections because of it, he begins to sabotage their escape, and it’s up to Ever to stop him and get them both out of the mall. There is just one catch: because of the mess Fox created, Ever can salvage only one thing—either her love for him or freedom for them both.


Praise for The Coldest Heart

“A unique premise!” —Jon VanZile, editor of Dragon Tree Press

“A roller coaster ride from page one.” —Mousehead & Tales Blog

“A thrilling story…a must-read for the adventurous of heart!” —Gina Henning, author of Going Pecans

“If you love a good book that is spilling over with suspense, mystery, and thrill, then The Coldest Heart is the book for you.” —Nancy Storey Allen, The Avid Reader Blog

The Coldest Heart reminded me of the show Heroes, except with a darker twist. I loved Ever right away. She seemed younger than her years and innocent though she was surrounded by the evil of the guards and her captivity. I think the love between Fox and Ever saved her. I can’t say in the end if it destroys her or not—you’ll have to read and decide for yourself!—but with the twists and turns plus the action and emotional pull, you’ll race through to the end.” —Jennifer Ricketts, Donnie Darko Girl Blog


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