Ever-Jezebel from The Coldest Heart

It took me a long time to find a picture that resembled my idea of Ever-Jezebel, the protagonist of The Coldest Heart. But find it I did, and here it is along with some facts about my brave protagonist.

EVER_with_name 2
Full name: Ever-Jezebel
Age: 15
Hair color: white
Eye color: the right eye is light blue, the left one is indigo
Height: 5 feet
Abilities: Ever is blind, but able to see through other people’s eyes + she is a heart-bender, meaning she can channel any emotion into any human
Hometown: New York City
Favorite food: chocolate
Favorite person: her boyfriend Fox
Favorite thing to touch: velvet
Flaws: Ever can’t remember to comb her hair + she loves Fox too much…
Overall: She doesn’t know who named her Ever-Jezebel—the parents she never knew or the guards who are keeping her captive. She is kind and generous, and despite everything that happened to her, she is not bitter. Her biggest problem is that she listens to her boyfriend too much…from which come all her troubles…