Demi from The Coldest Heart

And here is Demi. I think this image is such a perfect reflection of her. 🙂

Full name: Demi Diablo
Age: 15
Hair color: strawberry blonde
Eye color: blue
Height: 6’3
Abilities: Demi can kill human organs and tissues with a touch
Hometown: New York City
Favorite food: she hasn’t found it yet, but she loves red meat
Favorite book: Martial Arts Bible
Favorite person: her boyfriend Sinna
Favorite thing to touch: Sinna’s skin
Flaws: Demi and jealousy go hand in hand…
Overall: In another life Demi might have loved sunshine and flowers, but in this one she hates Ever. So many reasons why. Yet the biggest one is that tonight Fox, Ever, Sinna, and Demi will try to escape their prison, and Ever, who is blind and not as strong as the rest of them, will be a burden that could cost them their lives.