Fox from The Coldest Heart

Here is how I imagine Fox might look like. Only Fox’s eyes would be red too, and his hair would be a uniform dark red color, but otherwise, it would be the same soulful look and handsome face. 🙂

Full name: Fox Adams
Age: 16
Hair color: dark red
Eye color: dark red
Height: 6’3
Abilities: Fox can change the color of his eyes, hair, and skin at will
Hometown: New York City
Favorite food: he hasn’t found it yet
Favorite book: A Bid for Freedom: 100 Most Daring Prison Breaks in History
Favorite person: his girlfriend Ever-Jezebel
Favorite thing to touch: Ever’s hair
Flaws: Fox tends to be too domineering and overprotective of his girlfriend…
Overall: His real name is John Adams, but Ever calls him Fox because he’s got red hair, and Fox likes it. He likes everything Ever does to him or with him, except when she disobeys him. That he will fight till the end of the world.