The Coldest Heart: Sinna

Here is Sinna. He is Arab-American, and I created his character with Shakespeare’s Othello in mind. Minus jealousy, though. 🙂

Full name: Sinna
Age: 15
Hair color: black
Eye color: black
Height: 6’3
Abilities: Sinna can make nightmares from which people cannot escape
Hometown: New York City
Favorite food: he loves a lot of foods equally
Favorite person: his girlfriend Demi
Favorite book: Collegiate Thesaurus
Flaws: If too much kindness is a flaw, then Sinna is guilty of that…
Overall: Even after growing up in a prison, Sinna does not think that violence is the right way to deal with life. He adores his girlfriend, Demi, but her fascination with aggression and brutality is starting to worry him.