Into the Blind Cover: Bloopers and Outtakes

The process of getting a cover for Into the Blind was not long, but very emotional. 🙂 Here are the covers I didn’t choose for the book…

☆ 1 ☆


The novel was called Escape 11 back then, and this cover shows the bookstore where my characters were locked up by their kidnappers. Notice the row of eyeballs along the door. Yes, they are eyeballs and not buttons, and they are there to indicate the significance of vision in the story, for my protagonist Ever-Jezebel is blind and can only see through other people’s eyes. So I really-really-really wanted eyes somewhere on the cover. But along the door?

☆ 2 ☆


Unlike the previous cover that was suggested by my cover artist, this one was my idea. Hence eyeballs everywhere…

☆ 3 ☆


Yes, there is actually a mason jar full of eyeballs in the book, but somehow this cover just looks…I don’t know…disturbing?

☆ 4 ☆

Full Book Cover

My sweet husband overwhelmed by all the eyeballs and my deep book-cover despair made this for me. 🙂

What do you think?