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Joshua’s Island: Review

Joshua’s Island was an emotional read for me—bullying is such a charged topic. I liked Joshua, and I thought he was very believable. Kids do hide that they are being bullied from their parents, and that’s so heart-breaking. I also liked Eve, the girl who becomes friends with Joshua. I appreciated that the author didn’t …

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Every Day

It was a great book. 5 stars out of 5. I bought it on the strength of its lovely cover and intriguing description, which in my paraphrase goes something like this: every morning A wakes up in a new body, and he is okay with this until he meets a girl and realizes that he …

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Fun Read

Hysterical Realms is a collection of short stories parodying fantasy, fairy tales, and paranormal literature. I’m usually very careful around spoofs because they can be just too silly for my taste, but this anthology was very funny. I particularly liked “Parking for the Apocalypse” by Branden Linley. It’s about four horsemen of Apocalypse coming to …

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